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by Dustin Hodges, KY3 News and | December 12, 2012
LEBANON, Mo. - Some local teachers are finding creative ways to make extra cash. Stephanie McMahon and Melanie Mowery with Esther Elementary in Lebanon have signed on to Teachers Pay Teachers. It's a program that allows them to post, download, and sell their lesson plans to other teachers. Many of the lessons on the program's website meet education standards that allow them to be used at any public school in the country. "As I've been teaching through the whole year I've been taking the common core classes, tying them to what I'm doing in the classroom and them making stations that we can use in our classrooms but that other people can use as well," Mowery said.
by Linda Russell, and KY3 Reporter | March 25, 2013
WEST PLAINS, Mo. -- Some teachers at Fairview Elementary in rural Howell County are now packing heat.  They have the state and school board's approval for the new security measures. School security has been on many minds since December's tragedy in Connecticut.  "I have a close friend from college who actually lives seven minutes from Sandy Hook, and so she knew three of the children that did pass.  And so that brought a very personal side of it," said Joan Dietrich. Dietrich has a 7th grader, 3rd grader and preschooler all in one school building, so she wants to Fairview Elementary to be safe.  "We had talked about, my husband and I before, what if there was conceal and carry in the school?"
By Cara Restelli, Contact KY3 and | February 21, 2011
WILLARD, Mo. -- An Ozarks elementary school is finding new ways to teach young students reading, writing and arithmetic.   Ask any teacher, they'll tell you it's hard to keep students excited about learning all year long.  "That is a challenge to keep kids engaged and the more hands on they can, be the better they'll do when learning," said Willard East Elementary 1st grade teacher Robin Kramer. The latest hands on tool to make its way into the curriculum of willard east Elementary school teachers are iPads.
by Abby Wuellner, KY3 News and Reporter | September 14, 2010
First grade teachers are used to cleaning up messes.  But in Walnut Grove, they've been asked to do a bit more after the district cut a custodian from the payroll. As with many districts, these teachers are doing more with less.  The amount of office supplies at their disposal has dropped by 30-percent. "You don't want a tax increase because you don't want to pay more," says teacher Dana Bryant. Bryant isn't signing over a larger check to Uncle Sam, but she is paying more.
by Abby Wuellner, KY3 News and | September 30, 2010
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Some may tell you that it does not take an entire village to raise a child.  Still, if your child is enrolled in school, it does take a few people working together.  Here are some tips on getting the most out of parent-teacher conferences. Monday through Friday, weeks on end, your kids may be in the hot seat.  But when you, mom and dad, take a seat, teachers want you to know the pressure is off. "This is not a report card on their parenting skills,” said Malinda Reagan, a counselor at Espy Elementary School in Nixa.
by KY3 News | February 12, 2010
REPUBLIC, Mo. -- Pie was on the menu for some sixth grade teachers and a principal. Fifth grade and sixth grade students at Republic E-3 School raised nearly $1,500 for the Convoy of Hope. Corporate sponsors will match that. The two grades competed to see who could raise the most money. Fifth graders won, so sixth grade teachers got pies to the face. There was talk at the school that some of the sixth grade students donated to the fifth grade cause.
by Sara Forhetz, KY3 News and | April 3, 2012
AURORA, Mo. -- A mother is upset after her first grade daughter was punished.  She says the teacher make her punch a mat on a wall repeatedly. Pictures show the 6-year-old girl wound up with a bruised hand.  It was swollen and missing skin on her knuckles. Tonya Diaz says her daughter hit another student in the hallway, and that's why two teachers forced her to punch the mat. The superintendent says the district handled the teachers appropriately after Diaz' complaint, but federal law prohibits districts from discussing exactly what the punishment was. Superintendent Dan Decker also says he welcomed in the Missouri Division of Children's Services to do an additional investigation.
by Mike Landis, KY3 News and | January 2, 2013
STOCKTON, Mo. -- From a "gunman" yelling in the halls, to the sound of gunshots and teachers running for their lives: it was a scene that sent sheer terror through everyone. "It is very frightening, it's very scary.  It's very real -- makes your blood pressure go up," said Andrea Baxter, a first-grade teacher. This eight-hour exercise on Wednesday afternoon helped equip teachers how to react during a real active shooter situation. "I think that made them feel a little bit empowered that there are some things they can do in the event something happens," said Stockton School District Superintendent Shannon Snow.
Ashley Reynolds, KY3 News and | January 25, 2013
CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo -- The Christian County Sheriff says teachers carrying guns should be considered a viable option. The average response time is between 10 and 12 minutes. By that time, the shootings have taken place. "Law enforcement is not going to arrive in time," said Christian County Sheriff, Joey Kyle. It could take up to 20 minutes for sheriff deputies to get to some schools in Christian County. It's a big concern in rural districts. "In a smaller districts, there's no way we could bring the same resources to bear," said Clever Superintendent, Dr. Richard Henson.
by Marie Saavedra, KY3 News and | November 12, 2010
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- What you likely know about Megan Meier is how she died. It was weeks before her 14th birthday, after an adult neighbor helped create a fake profile on MySpace as a cute teenage boy. 'He' gained her trust, then verbally trashed her, leading Megan to take her own life.  What you likely don't know is that, even when she was being teased, Megan fought for others. "Megan stood up for other people, especially being bullied or with disabilities, so this is an extension of her working through me," said Tina Meier, Megan's mother, during an appearance in Springfield on Friday.
Emily Wood and | September 19, 2013
Lead Hill, Ar. -- Administrators at several school districts in Boone County, Arkansas, are considering the possiblity of arming some teachers and staff.  Deputies with the sheriff's department are visiting all the rural schools to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Boone County Sheriff Mike Moore said is is part of an effort to make the schools more secure. That means coming up new systems for locking the doors, better communication, and putting emergency plans in place. Moore said his department is also offering to train teachers and staff in the county's deputy reserve program.  The program would require more than 100 hours of law enforcement training to arm teachers in the classroom.
Posted by Chris Brewer, web editor and Email Chris / Follow Chris on Twitter | September 19, 2013
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The husband of a former third-grade teacher at a Springfield elementary school has pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution. Mark Fiedler and his wife Laura were both charged last February after Springfield police conducted a prostitution sting in downtown Springfield in 2010. Laura Fiedler had been placed on leave after the allegations surfaced; police say they caught her in Sept. 2010 at the Landmark Building. Online court records state that Mark Fiedler withdrew a not guilty plea and pleaded guilty in court Thursday.
by Chris Brewer, web editor | September 18, 2013
BLUE EYE, Mo. -- A 22-year-old middle school teacher from Blue Eye died in a single-vehicle crash along Missouri 86 early Wednesday.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol says Jordynn Brown was driving a 2004 Ford Focus when she took a curve too fast as she drove west on Missouri 86 just outside Blue Eye.  The patrol says she ran off the roadway and struck a tree. Southern Stone County Fire Protection District public information officer Eric Nielsen said a sheriff's deputy arrived at the wreck at roughly 6:15 a.m. near Honeydo Lane.  A passerby says she saw the crash about 6 a.m. and called 9-1-1.
by Sara Forhetz, KY3 News | September 8, 2013
KANSAS CITY, Mo.-- A mom in Kansas City attacked her son's teacher, and now the school district is looking to press charges. Authorities say the woman repeatedly punched the teacher in the face, even smashing her head into a file cabinet several times. The woman then left the school. The incident happened Thursday at Truman Elementary School in the Hickman Mills School District.  The police report says the woman struck her child's teacher in the face 5 to 10 times. According to the district, the woman's six-year-old son told his mom that the teacher had scratched his neck.
by Emily Wood, KY3 News and | August 16, 2013
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Flags were lowered to half-staff on Friday at the Cooper Tennis Complex as coaches and athletes remembered Missouri high school tennis legend Paul Nahon.  The Springfield native died in Colorado on Thursday after he fell while climbing a mountain. Those who knew Nahon best describe the 20-year-old college student as natural leader with a passion for tennis and a genuine concern for others. "It's very hard.  About the last time I saw him was out here just probably a week ago or so," said Bob Cooper, Nahon's coach at Glendale High School.
by the Accociated Press | July 27, 2013
JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) - A former Joplin middle school teacher is accused of using a teenage girl to produce child pornography.   The Joplin Globe reports that 39-year-old Charles Dominic Gastel of Carterville was charged Friday in federal court with sexual exploitation of children. It's unclear if he has an attorney.   The affidavit says Gastel's son saw a video on his father's laptop computer that depicted a sexual assault.   The victim told authorities that two or three videos were created when she was 16. But the victim said she was 10 when the abuse began.
by KY3 News and | July 8, 2013
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A professional organization that represents about a third of the teachers in the Springfield School District says its members should have been allowed to vote on a new employment contract between teachers and the district.  The Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) sued the district and the Springfield chapter of the National Education Association (SNEA) on Monday, hoping to get the contract put on hold until all teachers have a chance to vote on it. SNEA is the bargaining agent for all teachers in the district, regardless of whether they belong to SNEA, MSTA or no professional association.  After negotiations between the district and the SNEA representatives were complete this spring, SNEA called a meeting at which all teachers were invited to hear details of the proposed new contract.   After the meeting, however, only members of SNEA were allowed to vote on the contract.  A majority of the teachers who voted favored the contract, and the Springfield School Board also voted for it. After not being allowed to vote, members of SNEA filed protests with the district.  The district said the matter was out of its hand because its attorneys believe state law and court rulings leave it up to unions and professional organizations, not the district, to determine who gets to vote on a contract.
by KY3 News | May 29, 2013
MACKS CREEK, Mo. - A former Macks Creek High School teacher accused of having sex with a student will go to trial July 1. Jenner Shaffer was arrested in September after a teenage girl told deputies that he was the father of her child. School officials say they had no idea the relationship had been taking place. The former English teacher no longer works in the district. He's charged with second-degree statutory rape.
by Gene Hartley and | April 4, 2013
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Five Springfield School District teachers are finalists for 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year.  Selected from a pool of 34 nominees, the finalists will be recognized on Monday, April 15, during the Teacher Appreciation Banquet, hosted by Foundation for Springfield Public Schools, at the Ramada Oasis.  A selection committee will interview the finalists and choose the Teacher of the Year, who will be announced at the banquet. The finalists...
by Maria Neider, KY3 News and; Follow Maria on Facebook and Twitter@KY3MariaNeider | March 27, 2013
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Fran Giglio has a way with words.  She's helped to bridge the language barrier for thousands of students "I always say I know two languages: English and broken English,” she said recently. Giglio has taught English as a Second Language for more than three decades, helping adults from more than 70 countries.  Nineteen of those years have been at Ozarks Technical Community College. "I guess over the years, 33 years, my ears have become attuned, and I just anticipate, I know what they want to say,” she said.
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