Used car dealership fails to give titles, owner says he'll make amends

About a dozen customers did not get car titles from KB Motorsports

September 05, 2013|by Ashley Reynolds, KY3 News |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Customers of one used car dealership say they bought a used car and never got their title.  Now, they're having trouble getting answers.

KB Motorsports in east Springfield has an empty lot with a sign on the door that says, "We'll be back Tuesday," but the shop is not open.

"I called and the phone was disconnected," said Greg Branderhorst.

He is a farmer and bought a truck in May for $25,000.  He can't drive it with no title.

"It seemed like a legit deal until I went to title it and all the paperwork didn't have a title.  Then I called them and they said it was running behind. Then it was a lost title," he said.

Brandon Grimm is the man whom customers say they've been trying to reach for days. He agreed to talk with KY3.

"I should have listened to my wife to begin with and not start a business in the middle of a recession.  I tried to go too big, too fast.  It just came up and bit me.  It is what it is," said Grimm.

He says he couldn't pay the bills.


"We just couldn't cover our interest payments due to finance companies and our lease here.  Business has slowly been declining over the last few months.  We've received a couple of bad checks at the end of last week.  We couldn't make those right and the finance companies were taking their cars that they had on the lot. Without any cars, we didn't have a reason to have the lot," he said.

Grimm says he's trying to make things right with his customers and close his business.

"You just get those feelings as failure," he said.

Grimm says all the customers should have their title by next week. As for the phone line, Grimm says he has a working number now.  Consumer advocates say you should never leave a car dealership without the title.

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