Man is charged for pedestrian's death in Merriam Woods

Detectives say Dylan Sparks admitted he was driving a truck that left a crash scene early Monday.

August 21, 2013|by Gene Hartley |

FORSYTH, Mo. -- A 21-year-old man from Merriam Woods man is charged for a hit-and-run crash that killed a pedestrian early Monday.  Dylan Sparks is charged with abandonment of a corpse and tampering with a motor vehicle.
The probable cause statement against Sparks says he was the driver of a truck that hit a pedestrian in Merriam Woods early Monday.  The victim's name was not released by Tuesday afternoon.
The statement says Sparks admitted he knew the man was dead when he raced away from the crash.  Law enforcement officers found the  the truck in a parking lot in Branson. 


Probable cause statement from Missouri State Highway Patrol detective:

On August 19, 2013, at approximately 4:06 a.m., I was notified of a possible motor vehicle crash involving a pedestrian at Old Trail Road near Linnwood Steet in Merriam Woods, in which the driver had left the scene.  I was informed the driver was Dylan Sparks, date of birth Feb. 2, 1992 from Merriam Woods.


Later that morning, I was notified by Taney County that the driver, Sparks, had taken a vehicle from the Vineyards Parkway and was now at the Taco Bell parking lot in Branson West, Stone County, Missouri.  The vehicle is described as a 2008 Dodge 1500, VIN: 1D7HA18288J155449, and bearing a Missouri handicapped registration.  The vehicle owner is Mr. Paul J. Gryczanowski, who resides at 2412 Vineyards Parkway, Apt. #1, Branson, Missouri.

I was informed by Taney County that the truck involved in the crash was located at the Vineyards Parkway by Branson police officers.  At approximately 5:53 a.m., I responded to the Vineyards Parkway.  While enroute, l was informed Sparks had returned to the Vineyards Parkway with his ex-girlfriend's dad, Rodney J. Moug.  I was informed Taney County Deputy K. Essary had detained Sparks for me.

I arrived­ on scene at approximately 6:11 a.m.  l advised Sparks of his Constitutional Rights.  I asked him if he understood his rights and he said, "Yes." 

I smelled a strong odor of intoxicants and requested him to perform a field sobriety test and a portable breath test.  Sparks was arrested for driving while intoxicated at approximately 6:24 a.m.  At approximately 6:29 a.m., I advised Sparks of the Missouri Implied Consent Law and requested he submit to a chemical test of his blood, which he did.

While enroute to the Taney County Jail, Sparks said he knew (the pedestrian) was dead in the road after he hit him and left to go to his home.  I processed Sparks and placed him on a 24-hour hold pending further investigation.

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