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Monett businesses hit with vandalism spree

August 15, 2013|by Linda Russell, KY3 Reporter and Mike Coonrod, KY3 PhotojournalistMo | KY3 Reporter

MONETT, Mo.-- A vandalism spree in Monett has businesses taking the brunt of the damage in about the past week.

Monett Police weren't releasing details Thursday, but one of the victims, the Monett Times newspaper, reports they're one of seven businesses hit:  US Bank, Calamex Discount Grocery, Clark Community Health Center, Mercy Family Medicine, Main Street Feeds, Sherwin Williams, and The Monett Times.  But we found two more: Modern Variety and Davis and Son Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Cooling.

Much of the damage is along Monett's Broadway street.  Modern Variety lost a large plate glass window.  Davis and Son got a rock through their van window.  And the Monett times got two van windows broken that had to be quickly fixed for newspaper deliveries.

"I don't know if they threw a rock or what they did, but they were both shattered," says Lisa Craft of The Monett Times.

Main Street feeds had broken windows in an office building, and Mercy Clinic also had three broken windows.  It all happened in about the past week. 


At Sherwin Williams, the vandals tried to break the front windows, unsuccessfully and did some damage to a door. 

At this store, you could say they went above and beyond.  "Seems like a lot of effort to got through just to get on the roof to break stuff," says Stephen Lutz at Sherman Williams.  The criminal or criminals apparently climbed up some pipes on the side of the building to break whatever they could find on the roof.  "They were kicking them or throwing them, hard to say how they were destroying them, but they did the trick," says Lutz.

The air conditioner was in the line of fire.  "So now our filter and whatnot on the inside are damaged," says Lutz.  Employees got to spend time picking up all the debris in the parking lot.  "I think it's a joke.  Too many people, not enough to do type stuff," says Lutz.

Businesses across Monett hope the criminals are are soon caught.

Craft says, "It's your property.  It's the company's property, and you hate for anything… it all entails spending money to get it fixed.  So it is upsetting."

Monett Police did tell us they are talking to some suspects.  If you have any information, you can call Barry-Lawrence County Crimestoppers anonymously at 354-TIPS.

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