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Fireworks sales expected to soar for Fourth of July

Stand operators say mild weather plus mid-week holiday may help boost sales this year

June 30, 2013|By: Shayla Patrick, KY3 |

GREENE COUNTY, Mo - A lot of people are out buying explosives this weekend. Operators of fireworks stands are hoping for big business for the final few days before the Fourth of July.

Operators of R&R Fireworks stand near Highway 60 and West Bypass say this weekend business has been consistently busy all day.

People are flocking to fireworks tents this weekend to buy things that sparkle, pop, and explode, but more importantly things that help make lasting memories.

"I would say probably for the past six years we have had a big family get together," said Angie Cunningham, whose family bought fireworks Sunday afternoon.

And fireworks are a big part of that. The Cunningham Family came to R&R Fireworks Tent to stock up for this year's Independence Day Celebration.

"We've got some of the jumping jacks, the lava lamps, the Havana heat," Cunningham explained.

Fireworks stand owners say sales dropped off a bit last year, but they're thanking mother nature for a dramatic turnaround in weather that has boosted sales this summer.

"It's actually going well the rain has helped out a ton. Last year with the drought and everything that made it really hard but we have been really blessed this year with rain," said Andrew Richardson, Operations Manager, R & R Fireworks.

More rain mixed with less heat makes this year a win-win for both fireworks tent owners, and families alike.

"With this year being so great as far as the weather goes, it's not supposed to be like 100 degrees like its been in years before so with that a lot of people are going to be doing fireworks and it's going to be a good one for sure," said Richardson.

"We get together most of the time with our families, have a big get together and bring all kinds of fireworks up and just have a good time," said Cunningham.


Owners say this weekend sales have been pretty good but Wednesday and Thursday are going to be like the Black Friday of fireworks sales in that their tent will be packed with people.

They say that's when inventory usually gets bought up and the only thing left by the end of the day is empty tables.

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