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New Baby Basics course teaches expecting moms what to expect from newborns

OCH launches free class to new moms

June 11, 2013|by Shayla Patrick, KY3 |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Baby Boot Camp is a free class that helps new moms navigate through the unknowns of parenthood.  It answers a lot of questions about bringing baby home for the first time.

"I was freaking out.  My mom actually stayed with me for a week.  I wish I could have taken some class or something," said Jessica Adkins, mother of a 2-year-old daughter and 4-month-old son.

Now, with baby number two, there's a new resource being offered at Ozarks Community Hospital for Adkins and other moms just like her.

"Baby Basics is trying to show new moms how to take care of their baby when they come home from the hospital.  There's lots of things you don't know, like how to introduce siblings to your baby or pets to your baby," said Ashley White, a medical assistant at OCH.

It's a one-time class offered free of charge to moms, or women in their third trimester of pregnancy.  Expecting dads are also encouraged to learn more about caring for newborns.

"Having this class free helps out a lot because I don't have to come out of pocket for anything, I can just go in and it saves more money for diapers and formula and everything," said Adkins.

At the end of each two-hour session, moms leave with a binder that they can use to reference information presented in the class.


"I hope that they gain the knowledge and the confidence for themselves so that, when they bring their baby home, they feel comfortable, and that they learn something from it and go 'Oh, I remember how she said to do this,'" said White.

Organizers say the launch of the new course on Tuesday was a success, but the real winners are the new baby boys and girls whose parents are prepared.

"I would definitely attend the class because, as much as you don't think it would help you, it really is beneficial," said Adkins.

The class is offered on the second Tuesday of every month from 2 - 4 p.m. at the Ozarks Community Hospital. To sign up for the class or just find out more information call OCH at (417) 837 - 4147.

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