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Greene Co. sheriff lifts order limiting conceal/carry weapons instructors

The sheriff found state law allows people seeking CCW permits to use any instructor who meets state's criteria.

June 10, 2013|by Gene Hartley |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Sheriff Jim Arnott says his department will continue to accept training certificates for people who want to carry concealed weapons from any instructor who meets the state's criteria.  Last week, Arnott put out a notice that, starting this fall, his department would only accept certificates from trainers based in Greene County and the counties that touch Greene County.

Arnott wasn't available to speak to reporters after his notice went out last week.  His staff said, however, that Arnott wanted his department to be able to make sure instructors are giving adequate training to people who want to carry concealed weapons. 

An instructor in Laclede County, which does not touch Greene County, objected to the new policy.  He said he would lose business after the policy went into effect in the fall.  He also argued that state law didn't allow Arnott to issue such an order.

News release from Arnott on Monday:


The Greene County Sheriff’s Office takes very seriously the integrity of the Conceal Carry permit process.  Over the last year, our employees have received several comments and concerns from CCW applicants claiming that the courses they took to obtain their permits were insufficient and did not meet the statutory requirements.  In addition, our ofice has been following media accounts out of St. Louis that exposed inadequate CCW instruction in Missouri.

It is a matter of public safety to require that applicants receive adequate training before receiving a Conceal Carry permit. 

In an effort to protect the safety of the citizens of Greene County, our office chose to narrow the group of potential instructors to those in a manageable geographic region so that monitoring of the courses could be accomplished; however, it is also our obligation to honor the language of RSMo. 571.111 that sets out the criteria to qualify instructors.

Any instructor meeting the statutory criteria will be accepted by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office in the Conceal Carry permit process.  The Greene County Sheriff’s Office will continue to accept feedback from applicants and will work to promote compliance with the statutory mandates for training.

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