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Greene Co. sheriff issues new rule for conceal and carry gun permit trainers

The sheriff's department wants to be able to monitor training classes for CCW permit holders.

June 07, 2013|by Shayla Patrick, KY3 News |

LEBANON, Mo. - At the Pig Pen BBQ in Laclede County, guns aren't only allowed but are welcome.  The owner, Keith Russell, is a concealed carry weapons course instructor who recently got a surprise in the mail.

"My first reaction was 'How are they getting away with this?' There's nothing in the state law that says you have to be within a certain mileage," said Russell.

Signed by Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott, the letter reads "We have chosen to reduce our list of approved instructors to only those in our immediate and/or neighboring communities."

"I have several students from Greene County in every class, being only 45 minutes away, and so it was kind of a big deal to me," Russell said.

The sheriff wasn't available for comment on Friday on the matter, but in the letter sent to firearms trainers like Russell says cutting down on fraud is one of the main reasons for making this change.

The Greene County Sheriff's Department says it's learned some CCW course instructors aren't following state standards. By reducing the list of CCW trainers for which the sheriff's department will issue permits, it hopes to better be able to monitor what is taught.

"It's a state mandated course.  The state tells me what I have to cover and so, if it's good enough for any other county in the state, it should be good enough for his.  The fact that I am 45 miles away, quite honestly, doesn't make any difference to me," said Russell.


Russell worries this change could discourage new students and hurt his business.  The updated list will be enforced by the Greene County Sheriff's Department after July 15.

You can see the current list of approved CCW instructors by visiting the Greene County Sheriff's website.

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