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Bass fishing could soon be sanctioned high school sport in Missouri

Bass fishing will be on MSHSAA ballot this spring

March 11, 2013|By Dustin Hodges, KY3 News |

REPUBLIC, Mo. - Bass fishing could become a sanctioned sport at Missouri schools. That's if enough of the school's athletic directors put bass fishing on this year's ballot for Missouri's sanctioned sports.

Republic High School teacher Jim Huson is pushing for bass fishing to be a sanctioned high school sport next year, meaning students would be able to compete for a state and even national title. They just need to reel in enough votes this spring.

"I've been fishing for about five or six years now and got really into it and fish in tournaments now," says Republic sophomore Brandon Durr.

Brandon is a rising star in the sport of bass fishing.

"Kind of got started with my dad and just stuck with it and got more into it and wanted more of it," says Durr. "Having that fish on the end of the line, fighting it into the boat, just, everything got me hooked on it."

If one of his teacher's has his way, Brandon could soon be competing for a state title. "For probably four or five years now we've had this passion for bringing this into Missouri Schools as basically a sanctioned sport," says Republic High School teacher Jim Huson.

Huson is leading a push to make bass fishing a sanctioned high school sport in the state of Missouri.


"It's going to come up on the spring ballot and we're just trying to get local school administrators to push yes, we need 50 plus one, 50 percent of the schools plus one to approve sanctioned high school fishing. And we'll have kids actually getting to fish tournaments next year," says Huson.

He thinks Missouri has enough interest.

"By voting yes on this we're catering basically to what society's demanding of us and that is to try to help kids get into fishing," says Huson.

And enough resources. "Any of the lakes, Table Rock, Stockton, Pomme, Bull Shoals, anywhere," says Durr.

For students in Missouri land the big one: a national title.

"Not only do kids get to fish for state championship, but can fish for national championship and win four year college scholarship to all four members of national  championship team," says Huson.

The sport doesn't cost the school that much, as most kids have their own rod and reel and bait and tackle. And since kids aren't allowed to drive a boat other than operating the trolling motor anyway, schools need a staff member or a parent who owns a boat and to go out on the lake with the kids.

Schools can have up to two boats with two kids fishing in each boat, so a team of up to four.
They have a five fish limit, so whichever team ends up with the five heaviest fish at the end of the day is the winner.

For more information, click here to go to the Missouri High School Anglers website.

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