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Sheriff considers armed teachers a potential solution to prevent school shootings

It could take 20 minutes for deputies to get to some rural schools in Christian County

January 25, 2013|Ashley Reynolds, KY3 News |

CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo -- The Christian County Sheriff says teachers carrying guns should be considered a viable option.

The average response time is between 10 and 12 minutes. By that time, the shootings have taken place.

"Law enforcement is not going to arrive in time," said Christian County Sheriff, Joey Kyle.

It could take up to 20 minutes for sheriff deputies to get to some schools in Christian County.
It's a big concern in rural districts.

"In a smaller districts, there's no way we could bring the same resources to bear," said Clever Superintendent, Dr. Richard Henson.

The Clever School District shares a police officer with the city.  They also do drills. Some law enforcement officials are open to the idea preparedness might go beyond these rehearsals.

"The only way that you are going to fight fire, is with fire. It's like any piece of equipment you use.  The more familiar you are, the more comfortable with it and the more confident you are. It's about the appropriate application of force, not just the application of force," said Kyle.

Kyle says arming well-trained teachers might be part of the overall solution. Some educators are not totally convinced.

"I think teachers are wired differently. I'm not saying there's not some with proper training that could be good school defenders. Teachers make good teachers, because they care for their boys and girls.  People who come here to stop threats, are trained and wired to stop threats," said Henson.


The sheriff and educators also say districts need to do a better job at identifying troubled students.

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