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Activist uses bunny to protest abortion in front of Kickapoo High School

The Supreme Court issued its ruling 40 years ago this month in Roe v. Wade, which legalizes many abortions.

January 22, 2013|by Paula Morehouse and Robin Yancey, KY3 News |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- On a busy Springfield intersection, it was hard for most people to miss the activists holding anti-abortion signs.

"It is very graphic and gross, but that's what they're doing, trying to get a rise from people I suppose," said Erin Bennett, who was waiting at a stop light on the corner.

Forty years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalized abortion, Mark Holick took his anti-abortion signs -- including one of an aborted fetus -- to a corner in front of Kickapoo High School on Tuesday afternoon.

"A lot of the young women that are having, committing these abortions, homicides, come from high schools just like this, and we've had many babies saved from showing these kinds of signs at these schools," said Mark Holick, an anti-abortion activist.

Across the street, one of Holick's fellow anti-abortion activists used a bunny to start a conversation with students about the controversial issue.

"I ask them if they like the bunny, if they think the bunny is cute and, of course, most everybody does.  Then I ask them what they think of the baby, and then I ask them what they think of this baby," said Kevin Thompson, pointing to a picture of an aborted fetus.

Down the road, there were a handful of more protesters.

The activists had support from some. 


"It's absolutely amazing when you see what a real aborted baby looks like and that child had a chance to live," said Faye Williams.

They had opposition from others. 

"I don't think it's the right place, but everyone has their own opinion. I don't agree with it but more power to them I suppose," said Bennett.

For some of the protesters, it's a full time cause.  They often travel around the country with their anti-abortion message.  Earlier on Tuesday, they held their signs in front of Central High School.

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