Owner of Predator World in Branson West is accused of preying on boys

Two men say Breck Wakefield sexually abused them while they were teenagers.

December 21, 2012|by Steve Grant, KY3 News |

GALENA, Mo. -- The owner of Predator World, a former business in Branson West, is charged with repeatedly abusing two teenagers.   In a case filed by the Stone County prosecuting attorney on Wednesday, Breck Wakefield is accused of regularly having sexual encounters with two boys who worked or volunteered at Predator World from 2001 through 2008. 

The former employees are now 20 and 27 years old.  The probable cause statement used as the basis of the charges says one man told investigators that Wakefield gave him money, gifts and trips.  The men said many of the sexual encounters occurred at Wakefield's home in Branson West.

If Wakefield is convicted, he could get prison sentences of up to seven years on some charges and up to four years on other charges.

Predator World went out of business three years ago.


Editor's note: A previous version of this report said the prosecutor called Wakefield a sexual predator.  That was used in juxtaposition with the name of the business.  Prosecuting Attorney Matt Selby did not use that term, and KY3 News did not talk to Selby.  The stories on the air and on the web were based on the probable cause statement and a news release from the sheriff's department, and the term predator was not used in the way that it might be used in court to determine a longer sentence for someone convicted of multiple sexual assaults.



Edited news release from Stone County Sheriff’s Department:

During the last few months, detectives investigated allegations of sexual abuse committed by Wakefield. Several past male employees of Predator World starting coming forward stating that, while in Wakefield’s employ, he provided them with alcohol and made sexual advances while they were in diminished mental capacity due to the alcohol consumption.

On Wednesday, detectives arrested Wakefield on charges of

  • sexual misconduct involving a child under 15, first offense;
  • 2 counts of first-degree statutory sodomy; deviate sexual intercourse with a person less than 14 years old;
  • sexual misconduct involving a child under 15, first offense; and
  • 8 counts of second-degree statutory sodomy.

A judge set Wakefield’s bond at $150,000.

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