Developer plans to break ground soon on Eclipse Event Center in Republic

Carl Scott says he plans to complete the purchase of the property by the end of the month.

October 03, 2012|by Linda Russell, KY3 News |

REPUBLIC, Mo. --  Groundbreaking may be only weeks away on a vast facility that developer Carl Scott says "will put Republic, Mo., on the map."

Scott predicts the Eclipse Event Center will bring about 1,400 full-time jobs when it's complete, not to mention the jobs it will bring during construction.

If Scott's dream comes true, more than 1,000 acres of farmland will soon be transformed into the Eclipse Event Center. 

"I don't think we'll have trouble booking events once people see how nice it is," Scott said.

It's designed for equestrian events, concerts and conventions. 

"In the B plex, you got two 5,000-seat arenas, but they're mostly set up for equestrian.  In the A Plex, you got the 15,000-seat arena, which is set up for any type of venue," said Scott.

The plan also includes restaurants, entertainment, and lodging, including a four-star hotel, condos and cottages for nightly rental. It's inspired by Scott's own family traveling to his daughter's horse shows.

"You have to find a place to stay, then you've got to find restaurants and then you got two other kids to entertain," he said.

Scott says the building is about to begin.  Getting all the infrastructure in place, he says, will likely take about a year.  The majority of the development will be on the west side of Highway MM south of James River Freeway, but the first visible part of the project will be on the east side of MM, where Scott plans to build a truck stop.

He's been working with the City of Republic. 


"It's been a long process, one with a lot of moving parts, but it has moved along very well," said Republic's Director of Planning and Development Gail Noggle. 

The community is welcoming the opportunity. 

"This is huge.  You have to be cautious, and we are, and we're optimistic, though, as well, and have found the process has worked as it should," Noggle said.

Scott is also relying on about a dozen landowners who've agreed to sell.

"They've been very patient, and, bless their souls, because it's went on for over a year now," Scott said.

And of course, there's the money: $700 million for construction, coming from Global Business Incubation of California.  Scott says the company has local interest. 

"One of the principals is from Ozark, Mo., and so they have interest in basically putting people to work," said Scott.

Scott is confident Eclipse will exceed expectations. 

"With no doubt, they'll get it funded," he said. 

He says he's currently waiting on some government clearances to move the large amount of money, which has postponed things a bit.  But he plans to complete purchases of all the property by the end of the month.

Scott says his goal for completion of the project is Setember 2016. 

To see more about plans for the Eclipse Event Center, visit the website here.

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