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Man from Lebanon faces child porn charge for downloaded photos

Police said they found more than 100 images of child porn on Rene Harvey's computer.

September 25, 2012|by Emily Wood, KY3 News |

LEBANON, Mo. -- Investigators say they found more than 100 images of child pornography on the personal computer of a registered sex offender living here.   Police say Rene Harvey, 72, served as a maintenance worker at a mobile home park, and detectives said that gave him increased access to young children.   None of the photos, however, appear to be children who live near Harvey.

"During the interview, he did tell investigators they could look at his computer.  While looking at his computer, it did show images of child pornography," said Lebanon Police Detective Tim Early.

Lebanon investigators said a call from a concerned parent led them to Harvey's home.  A known sex offender, Harvey had already served time for another crime.

"Even though he's in custody, we still are investigating further information," Early said.

Detectives said they followed Harvey's activities for more than a year, first interviewing him in 2011.  Police said Harvey delivered personal gifts to an 8-year-old child at the trailer park where he worked, speaking to the child in a sexual manner.


Early said this case should remind parents and guardians they they need to be alert about people associating with their children.

"Be cautious who you let in your house.  Be cautious who works on stuff," Early said.

Police said they are seeing an uptick of crimes against children in Laclede County.  They are still investigating a string of incidents from late August in which they said older residents were caught around town taking suspicious photos of young children.

Police said they never spotted Harvey taking photographs; they just recovered pictures already stored on his computer.  Police said Harvey believed he had deleted the images before turning over his device to authorities, but investigators were able to recover them.

Harvey is in the Laclede County Jail with no bond.  Police consider him a flight risk, because they said they found a plane ticket to the Philippines and packed luggage inside his home.

Police point out Harvey was already listed on the state sex offender registry, something they believe parents should check before letting anyone into their homes.

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