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Akin/McCaskill race now seen as "toss-up"

Two polls show Senate contest in Missouri tied

August 30, 2012|by Jerry Jacob

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Two separate polls taken this week show the race for U.S. Senate from Missouri a toss-up.

A poll by Wenzel Strategies for the Family Research Council Action and a survey by Public Policy Polling both show the difference between the two candidates within the surveys' margins of error.

The contest had swung drastically to favor Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill last week following controversial remarks by her Republican challenger, Congressman Todd Akin.

Akin enjoyed a sizable advantage with one poll having him up by 10 points prior to his comments about the prospect of pregnancy from "legitimate rape."  That changed drastically afterwards, a sizable disadvantage of 10 points in the span of a few days.  This week's Mason-Dixon Poll had him down by 9.


Akin has since apologized for his remarks, saying he "mis-spoke."

The two polls taken Wednesday show the race settling into a tight battle in the minds of Missouri voters with 9 and a half weeks remaining.

The Public Policy Polling results can be viewed HERE.

The Wenzel Strategies poll for the Family Research Council Action can be viewed HERE.

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