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Students schooled in how to prevent bullies on the bus

Zoe Bus travels statewide

August 20, 2012|by Sara Forhetz, KY3 News

OZARK, Mo.-- A bus to stop bullying is making its rounds across the state. 

Today, the Zoe Bus stopped in Ozark to teach kids about how to prevent bullies in one of the most common places for it, on the school bus.

The bus is one of the most difficult places for preventing bullying because there's often only one set of adult eyes, and those eyes are looking at the road.

About 450 students in Ozark got a lesson in what to watch out for, who to tell and how to stop bullies on the bus.

The Zoe Bus is driven by Mrs. Gina Crump.  She was a school counselor and says she often saw problems in her office that stemmed from kids getting bullied going to and from school.


So, she changed professions and now travels statewide to teach kids what to do and not to do.

"If I laugh along what is the bully going to do, if I'm laughing, then what's the bully going to do?  They are going to keep doing it, you bet," Crump said.

Students say they see bullies regularly.

"Like if you're in music sometimes they'll say you don't have a very good singing voice, I've heard someone say that before," said fourth grader Emily Cobb.

You can bring the Zoe Bus to your school to teach about bus bullying prevention. 

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