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Illegal immigrant is charged with statutory rape of now-pregnant 12-year-old girl

Prosecutors said the man developed a relationship with the child online.

August 07, 2012|by Emily Wood, KY3 News |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. --  A man living in the United States illegally faces statutory rape charges involving a child in Springfield.  Prosecutors said Reymundo Hernandez, 25, raped a 12-year-old girl multiple times, and that child is now carrying his baby.

Prosecutors said Hernandez is someone the child's family knew and likely trusted.

"The majority of these cases arise from people who are known in the family and by the individuals involved," said Greene County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Casey Clark.

Clark said Hernandez developed a relationship with the child through online contact and through a existing relationship he had with the child's family.

"Through online contact, there was a decision to meet in person," Clark said.

Police said Hernandez confessed to luring the child to a park nearby the child's home.  That is where police said he raped the child.  Police filed a probable cause statement with the prosecutor's office that say they believe similar assaults happened at the child's home in a mobile home park in northeast Springfield.

"She disclosed to her mother and to law enforcement that she had had intercourse with the 25-year-old defendant," Clark said.

Court documents show it was discovered that she was pregnant at a medical appointment.

Clark said, if and when the case goes to trial, the 12-year-old girl will most likely be expected to testify in court.  County prosecutors said there is a possibility that Hernandez could face charges on a federal level for being in the country illegally.  Hernandez also faces an assault charge in Greene County from earlier this year.

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