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Did Someone Say Cold Front?

Brandon Beck forecast discussion

Temperatures are 20-30° colder today compared to Friday!

April 20, 2012|by Brandon Beck, KY3 Meteorologist |



Cloudy; late PM sun possible north
Clear and cold.  Very patchy frost possible.
Partly cloudy

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Good afternoon!  Temperatures have dropped dramatically today with noon readings still in the 40s to around 50.  We'll see clouds through much of the afternoon and with a north wind there is very little hope for much warming.  Skies will clear tonight and I'm still expecting to see temperatures mainly in the 30s, perhaps cold enough for some very patchy frost in the low spots.  The weekend still looks nice with temperatures in the 60s.

Morning Discussion:
Good morning!  The cold front we've been advertising the last few days is plowing through the region this morning.  Rain has been light for the most part with only a few rumbles of thunder.  The rain threat will be over for the entire Ozarks by around noon today, with temperatures falling behind the front through mid-morning.  Clouds and a north breeze will ensure a cold day with afternoon readings in the 50s for most locations.  Skies will clear off tonight and we'll drop into the 30s--possibly cold enough for some very patchy frost in the valleys.  I don't expect this to be widespread nor long-lasting enough to kill plants.  The weekend will be dry but cool with highs in the 60s.  Models disagree on how fast our pattern transitions next week, but it appears the real warm-up will wait until about Wednesday.  Highs will rocket back to around 80.


Brandon Beck
KY3 Meteorologist


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