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Increasing Clouds Today

Brandon Beck forecast discussion

Storms Tonight

Temperatures will be back in the 70s beginning Friday.

April 12, 2012|by Brandon Beck, KY3 Meteorologist |


Mainly 60s

Becoming mostly sunny
40s West
Increasing clouds in the west; clear and cold east
Mostly cloudy with a few showers possible

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ky3 almanacGood morning!  Temperatures range from the lower 30s this morning east of Highway 63 to the upper 40s over the west near Joplin.  This is due to a southeast breeze and clouds increasing from the west.  We'll end up mostly cloudy today with temperatures in the lower and perhaps middle 60s.  I don't expect much more than a few sprinkles due to the dry atmosphere.  A warm front will move our way tonight and increasing moisture and lift will lead to a round of showers and storms centered over west and central portions of the Ozarks.  This will mean a stormy start to Friday for some, but the warm front will then move through and most will see a dry afternoon.  Temps will begin in the upper 40s to middle 50s and end up in the 70s by afternoon.  Another round of storms is possible Friday night and early Saturday but I think many areas will be dry through Saturday afternoon, while severe storms center over the plains of Kansas and Oklahoma.  This system will move our way for Sunday with a very good chance of rain and storms by afternoon.  Models have changed their tune a bit this morning and now agree on pushing the front through by early Monday, ending the chance of rain.  Cooler air will follow once again.

Brandon Beck
KY3 Meteorologist



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