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Police report reveals Bobby Petrino was not alone in motorcycle crash

April 06, 2012|Chris Replogle, KY3 News | Twitter: @ky3hogsinsider or on Facebook: @KYTVHogsInsider
University of Arkansas

ELKINS, Ark. -- Arkansas Razorbacks football Coach Bobby Petrino had company on his motorcycle Sunday when he crashed it.

An Arkansas State Police report released Thursday reveals 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell was riding with Petrino on his bike on Highway 16 Near Elkins.  Dorrell is the new Student Athlete Development Coordinator for Football.  The school hired the former all-Southeastern Conference volleyball player last month.

Monday, the University of Arkansas released this statement about the crash:

"Coach Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday that involved no other individuals."

The police report indicates Petrino lost control of the motorcycle after he was blinded by the sun.  He suffered broken ribs, neck injuries and plenty of scrapes and bruises.  Dorrell refused treatment.  Dorrell told investigators she did not know what caused the crash.  Petrino and Dorrell were not present at the crash scene when the investigating officer arrived.  Dorrell caught a ride back to Fayetteville.  A state trooper transported Petrino to the hospital.


"It was a situation where I don't remember much," said Petrino Tuesday talking to the media.  "I'm very fortunate to be here, I'm very fortunate to have great support from everybody throughout the state, and I'm very happy for our football team and how they showed support for me."

Petrino was hospitalized Sunday night until Tuesday.  He later returned to spring practice that afternoon.


by Kurt Voigt
The Associated Press
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- University of Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino's fate lies in the hands of athletic director Jeff Long.  The question is whether Long will get rid of the highly successful coach, who lied about having a 25-year-old female employee with him during a weekend motorcycle accident and then admitted the two had an inappropriate relationship.

Criminal charges aren't expected to be a problem for Petrino, who was forthcoming with police after Sunday's accident.  What has him in hot water was hiding from his boss that his passenger was Jessica Dorrell, whom he hired just last week.

Petrino's contract gives Long the right to suspend or fire the coach for conduct that "negatively or adversely affects the reputation of the (university's) athletics programs in any way."

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