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New proposal geared towards attracting outdoor enthusiasts

Taney County Planning Commission scheduled to discuss Bass Pro's "Outdoor Academy at Big Cedar Lodge"

April 06, 2012|Ashley Reynolds, KY3 News |

TANEY COUNTY, Mo --  It's the latest proposal to get more tourists to come to the Ozarks. Bass Pro Shops wants to expand in Taney County with a new multi-million dollar facility.

It's called the Outdoor Academy.  The facility will be on highway 86 just across from Big Cedar Lodge. Workers describe this one thousand acre project as an "outdoor campus". Crews plan develop more than 30 activities, including hiking trails, horse stables, an archery course, and a shooting range.

Officials also want to have an outdoor education center where folks can take classes on fishing, canoeing and even classes on learning how to cook wild game.

"It ends up being a total package of outdoor fun.  A little bit for everybody in the family or an individual to enjoy. And have it all right there," said Martin MacDonald with Bass Pro.

This project is scheduled to be discussed at a Planning Commission public hearing on Monday.
Bass Pro is not releasing a cost estimate, because many of the projects will be done in phases.
This will create jobs, but leaders would not give a number as to how many.


Taney County Planning Commission Agenda

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