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Another Cold Front Today

Despite the front afternoon temperatures will be warmer than Wednesday.

January 19, 2012|by meteorologist Brandon Beck, KY3 News |


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50s south

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 Good morning! Temperatures are starting much warmer today ahead of another cold front.  This front will slide through by mid-day and highs will have quite a range this afternoon.  Though the coldest of this arctic air will stay north of the Ozarks, central Missouri counties around Warsaw and Iberia could be in the upper 30s today.  In northern Arkansas highs will top the 50 mark.  Moisture will be slim to none initially so no precipitation is expected today, let alone much cloud cover.  The front will make it to central Arkansas before stalling and lifting slightly back north on Friday.  Low pressure will move into Oklahoma and a decent south wind will develop to bring moisture up over the front.  Still, this moisture will be quite shallow and will only bring sprinkles or drizzle by the later part of Friday.  This could also mean another day with a large temperature range.  The most likely location for the dampness will be the south and east, and these areas could be the coolest on Friday.  Western counties will be warmer and likely dry.  Saturday will be colder as the front whips back south, but a warm-up should occur on Sunday. 


Brandon Beck

KY3 Stormteam

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