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Class action lawsuits form against front-end load washer makers

Whirlpool, LG, Kenmore and others are involved in the lawsuits.

January 16, 2012|by Jay Scherder |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Do you have a front end load washer? If so are you happy with it?  Enough complaints across the nation has caused several class action lawsuits to emerge. The issue at hand involves mold and mildew.

When it comes to front-end load washers, there are things you need to know.

"if you use the wrong kind of soap you are going to have a problem," said TallGuy Appliance Repair owner Jody Cottengim. 

"I noticed there was an odor…sometimes the clothes that came out of the washer smelled musty," said front-end load washer owner Tona Rowett. 

"Inside there there is a little rubber piece.  You need to be able to wipe those things down and keep them clean," Cottengim said. 

"When a load is finished the water doesn't drain completely," said Rowett.

"The lack of air is a big issue," explained Cottengim.

Front load washing machines are often touted as highly efficient, but they also come with a host of maintenance needs. They are now in the cross-hairs of lawyers across the country.

"The nature of the construction of the machine," said Complex Litigation Group Lawyer Richard Burke, "they breed significant amounts of mold and mildew that's an intractable problem."

Class action lawsuits have popped up against Whirlpool, LG, Kenmore, among others.  "Those are all basically putting the fault of the machine on the conduct of the consumer rather than on the engineering of the machine," Burke said.

The issue, he says, is the design.  "The machines cannot clean themselves.  They don't have enough water to clean themselves," Burke said.

He says consumers are not being properly informed about what they are buying and the maintenance that comes along with them.


"It's dirty water. As that dirty water sits there for let's say even 24 hours, if you're done with your laundry until tomorrow. It's going to sit there," said Cottengim. 

"You can do everything you possibly can to think that you are doing things properly," Rowett said, "and still end up with a musty smell sometimes."

Samsung and GE are under investigation at the law firm.

If you'd like more information about pending lawsuits or have an issue with a front-end washer, contact the Complex Litigation Group: 312-220-0000 or

TallGuy Appliance Repair (417-268-8627)--Tips for Front-End Washer Maintenance:

  • Always use High Efficiency Soap
  • Leave your door open or cracked when washer not in use
  • Open your soap dispenser for more air flow
  • Wipe down rubber ring on door
  • Wipe down inside of door after use
  • Run sanitizer cycle at least once a month
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