Man is charged for robbery in Battlefield Mall parking lot

Justin Feldman is charged with attempted robbery.

December 15, 2011|by KY3 News |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Springfield Police Department found a man who they believed tried to steal a woman's purse on Friday evening, Dec. 2, in the parking lot near the Macy’s store at Battlefield Mall.  Justin Feldman is charged with second-degree attempted robbery after police say he confessed.

Crime Stoppers and the police department on Wednesday released surveillance photos of the man who assaulted the woman and people who were with him.  Police said video and photos of the parking lot show a man hitting the woman three times and grabbing at her purse, and then jumping in a waiting white car with others inside, and speeding away.  Several people called Springfield police to say they thought they knew the robbers.

On Wednesday night, the Aurora Police Department contacted Springfield police and said they had information on the thieves.  Aurora police detained some suspects in their town, and Springfield detectives then interviewed them in Aurora. 


According to the probable cause statement used as the basis of the charge against Feldman, investigators believe the people who were with Feldman are Kimberly Bridgeman, Jessica Looney and a juvenile.  The statement says the victim viewed a photo lineup but could not identify Feldman as the man who assaulted her because the attack was quick and it was dark.  The victim did, however, say the man in the Kansas City Royals hooded sweatshirt in the surveillance photos was the man who assaulted her.

Aurora police said they got consent to search a white Honda Accord outside an apartment complex where they found the four suspects who were in the surveillance photos from Battlefield Mall.  In the Accord, they found a blue Kansas City Royals hooded sweatshirt like the one worn by the man who assaulted the woman.

Looney told a Springfield detective that the Accord is hers and that she drove Feldman, Bridgeman and the juvenile to Battlefield Mall on Dec. 2.  After going inside the mall and using a restroom, she told the detective, they went outside and she lost sight of Feldman.  She said she heard Feldman and Bridgeman arguing and then heard Bridgeman yell, "Go."  She said she picked up Feldman and saw a large man chasing Feldman.  She said she heard Feldman say, "I pretended like I hit that woman."

Another detective interviewed Bridgeman and says she provided a similar account as Looney.   Bridgeman said she heard Feldman say something about getting a purse but she told him he didn't need to do that because they had money.

A detective interviewed Feldman and said he confessed to the attempted robbery, according to the probable cause statement.  He said he did it to get some quick money, and said "he tried to punch at (the victim) in order to scare her; however Feldman said he did not strike (her).  Feldman said he was unable to get (her) purse, so he ran away and got into Looney's vehicle."

A Greene County associate circuit judge set Feldman's bond at $50,000.  If he's convicted, he could face a prison sentence up to seven years.

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