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Free garage sale will help families in need at SFN Church in Springfield

The Winter Free-For-All hopes to spread a little Christmas cheer to struggling families.

December 02, 2011|by Jay Scherder, KY3 News |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- One local church is spreading a little Christmas cheer this weekend. It's a giant garage sale with a little bit of a twist.

The SFN Church in Springfield have held the "Winter Free-For-All" for the past four years. Every year gets bigger and more hectic. It happens for good reason. There are thousands of items to choose from and everything is free.

"I'm on a fixed income so I have to struggle and find a lot of help," said Sarita Mercado, who has been attending the "Winter Free-For-All" for the last couple of years.

It is a helping hand to those in need this holiday season.

"Every year that we've done it, it seems like it has been at a critical time. We've been on a down economy for the past several years," said SFN Church pastor Brandin Melton.

"My daughter -- she's a single mom of two kids and it's hard for her to swing things," said Mercado. "She works but she barely makes it from paycheck to paycheck, so, any of the extras, it's hard for her to do."

"What's a way that this time of the year, when a lot of people are facing difficult times, that we can love our neighbors?" asked Melton.

Every year the church collects donations from their congregation and the community for the free garage sale. 


"Furniture and appliances -- we have some of them but they go so quickly," said Melton

On the first weekend of December, they open their doors to all in need

"Last year we had a family where their house had burned the night before," Melton said. "They were able to come and get clothing and furniture and stuff like that to help them get through a crisis that they couldn't have planned for."

The best part is it's all free.

"They inspire you. They give you the Christmas cheer. You can get kind of blue worrying about how you are going to do this or how you are going to get that," said Mercado.

For many families, it's their only chance to pick out a gift for that special someone.

"A lot of people can't afford to get gifts or you can find stuff that's really nice that you can give as gifts for Christmas," she said.

"We're thrilled!" said Melton. "We look forward to this opportunity to love the people in our community and to give them some Christmas spirit and cheer and to just help them along the way."

The Winter Free-For-All is being held Saturday, Dec. 3, at the Springfield First Church of the Nazarene. SFN Church is at 3245 S. Kansas Ave.  It starts at 8 and lasts until noon. All are welcome.

If you would like to donate items, you can drop them off at the church on Dec, 2 from 6 to 8 p.m. or on Dec. 3 any time during the event. 

Monetary donations are also welcome.

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