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Construction will close ramps at James River Freeway/Campbell Avenue next week

December 01, 2011|edited news release from Missouri Department of Transportation

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The westbound ramps at the Campbell Avenue/James River Freeway (U.S. 60) interchange will be closed one at a time from Monday night to Wednesday afternoon.  The ramp closings are needed to allow contractor crews to remove the existing pavement on the ramps and pour new concrete for new ramp pavement as it approaches Campbell.  By closing the ramps, the work can be done quickly and safely.  

Also, during daytime hours on Wednesday, lane closings are planned on Campbell between South Avenue north of Republic Road and El Camino Alto Street south of James River Freeway.   Crews will lay asphalt to smooth out the transition areas between the new concrete pavement and the existing road.  Only one northbound and one southbound lane will be closed at a time.

Work Schedule:

* 7 p.m. Monday to 7 p.m. Tuesday -- Westbound on-ramp from Campbell to James River Freeway CLOSED to all traffic.  Drivers will have to use National Avenue or Kansas Expressway to access James River Freeway.

* 7 p.m. Tuesday to 3 p.m. Wednesday -- Westbound off-ramp from James River Freeway to Campbell CLOSED to all traffic.  Drivers will have to use the National or Kansas interchanges to exit off James River Freeway.

At 3 p.m. Wednesday, the westbound off-ramp will reopen.  However, there will only be one left-turn lane open from the ramp to southbound Campbell.  During this time, drivers can expect much traffic congestion until the second left-turn lane can be opened later that evening.

* 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesday -- The northbound and southbound right lanes of Campbell Avenue will be blocked one lane at a time to allow contractor crews to lay temporary asphalt to reduce the bumps between the new concrete pavement and the existing roadway.

All times are approximate.  With cold temperatures forecasted early in the week, concrete poured will take longer to cure and gain strength before traffic can be allowed to travel over the new pavement.  It may be necessary to delay the opening times of the ramps until the new pavement hardens sufficiently to allow traffic onto it.

Traffic Impacts:

The work scheduled for Monday through Wednesday will create extreme traffic congestion in an already congested area of Campbell between South and El Camino Alto.  

Drivers who do not have to travel through the area are urged to find alternate routes.  However, drivers will be able to reach all of the businesses in the area.  Although, it will take longer to get there.

No detours will be posted.  Drivers are urged to use alternate routes to get around the closed ramps and delays are expected during the asphalt operation on Campbell Avenue.  

Project Background

* Widen along each outside shoulder of Campbell between South and Plainview Road (Farm Road 182) to add a new lane in each direction. A portion of the widening on the west side of Campbell between James River Freeway and Lakewood Street was completed earlier by a developer.

* Build dual left-turn lanes on Campbell to turn east and west onto James River Freeway, build dual-left turn lanes on the freeway's eastbound off-ramp to turn north on Campbell and triple-left turn lanes on the freeway's westbound off-ramp to turn south on Campbell.

* Install a new sidewalk on the west side of Campbell between Republic north of the freeway and Cardinal Street south of the freeway.

* Build concrete medians in various locations to lengthen left-turn lanes.

MoDOT, the City of Springfield and Greene County are partners in the Campbell six-laning project.

The prime contractor is Hartman Construction Company of Springfield, doing the work for a low bid amount of $4.9 million.

Part of the construction cost is being funded by federal funds earmarked by retired U.S. Sen. Christopher Bond and U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt.

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