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Stormy Night in Store

Thursday will be bleak too

November 02, 2011|by Ron Hearst, KY3 Chief Meteorologist |

Rain and thunder developing with moderate to heavy rain possible north of Springfield strong winds too along with falling temps

Mostly Cloudy to Cloudy with heavy morning drizzle

FRIDAYUpper 50s
Mostly Sunny and warmer
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Stormy Night

It is going to be a dark and stormy night across the Ozarks.  Rain is currently developing out west and will move across the region this evening.  Rainfall could be quite heavy along and north of I-44.  The highest amounts could approach one to two inches.  Strong winds are also going to be a factor, between midnight and 8am they will blow from the northwest between 20-35 mph with higher gusts possible.  If all of this isn't bad enough the temperatures are going to fall like a rock once the cold front passes.  Temperatures could drop at a rate of 5 degrees an hour for a bit before settling to the mid 30s by morning.  Thursday should be a dreary day with very heavy drizzle or mist in the morning and gusty winds.  Both the wind and drizzle will slow down or end by the afternoon.  Temperatures will not recover much as the cold air drains across the Ozarks.


A Word About Snow

I know many people are excited about seeing the first snow of the season but I would not get too worked up about tonight's event.  While the air is going to be very cold for a bit the window of opportunity is very small.  Thickness parameters and ice crystal formation is not very good.  Still the air will be cold just above our heads and with heavy drizzle around it is possible to see a wet snowflake or two.  No accumulation is forecast.

Rapid Warm Up

Tonight's storm will move rapidly east and allow for a quick warm up Friday and Saturday.  Temperatures should recover nicely with a return of sunshine and a south wind.  Highs in the 60s should actually last into early next week.  The next in a series of very progressive storms will take aim on the Ozarks late Sunday evening.  Right now the chance for rain Sunday looks small.  Monday and Tuesday look much better for rain and in fact the set up would indicate at least one or more periods of moderate to heavy rain.  This is something the Ozarks has not seen in a couple of months and the moisture would welcome especially in areas west of Springfield.



Sunny Skies,

Ron Hearst
KY3 Stormteam
Chief Meteorologist

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