More people lining up for holiday help

Crosslines charity also strapped

November 02, 2011|by Sara Forhetz, KY3 News

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--  It's a story we report year after year.  The thing that changes is the number.

This year, the number of people needing help with food over the holidays is increasing.

For the last 18 years, Crosslines charity organization has helped provide food for families during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and already people are lining up hoping to get help.

Julie Coble's story is indicative of so many.

"We thought the job situation was better here than it was, it just hasn't been.  We try, temporary work here and there, at least it helps pay the electric and keeps gas in the vehicles," Coble said.

She is one of hundreds signed up to get a free food basket for the holidays.  Last year 9-thousand people were fed in Greene County alone; this year will most certainly surpass that.

"The demographics of the family has changed, because now we've got multiple families living in the same household and our program goes by the household, so now we're 9, 10, 11, 12 people in a home that are all sharing together, and only 1 or 2 people have jobs or if anyone has jobs in that family," said Tom Faulkner, director of Crosslines.  He says this is a costly endeavor.


"For instance, the price of ham this year has almost doubled what it was last year, so you add in this need-- the greater need with the cost of food and it's going to be a struggle for us as well," Faulkner added.

"I'm relieved that I'm not the only one in that situation, definitely," Julie said.

She says she is confident one day she will be on the giving end.  Until then, she'll take any help she can get.  "Oh yes, it takes the worry off your mind."

If you need help and live in Greene County, you can apply on East Sunshine at the Holiday Center by Dollar General.

If you can offer financial help or in-kind donations, call the Council of Churches at 417-862-3586 or 417-865-5810.

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