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Blow Torch Warmth Today

Brandon Beck forecast discussion

Wind gusts of 40 mph are likely along with highs near 80.

October 25, 2011|by meteorologist Brandon Beck, KY3 News |


Around 80

Increasing high clouds PM. Very windy.
TONIGHT50s north
low 60s south
Mostly cloudy

Near 80°

Mostly cloudy, scattered showers/storms. Cooler.
12-hour forecast
ky3 12 hour forecast24-hour forecastky3 24 hour forecastSatellite & Radarky3 sat radFeels Likeky3 heat indexAllergy Indexky3 allergy indexAlmanacky3 almanacGood morning!  Temperatures are very warm this morning with a south breeze.  A warm front is well to the north in Iowa, and the wind machine will crank today ahead of a strong cold front in the plains.  Gusts will be near 40 mph from Springfield on west, and a wind advisory is in effect for far western Missouri.  Highs today will likely be at or above 80 for most.  The front will be in the middle of the Ozarks early Wednesday and then push south.  Temperatures will vary greatly on either side of the front, with highs anywhere from the mid 50s to the mid 70s in Arkansas.  Scattered showers and storms will become more likely in the later half of the day as upper level support increases.  Rain may linger into Thursday especially over Arkansas and perhaps far southern Missouri.  Temperatures will be cooler on Thursday with a slow warming trend beyond that.

Brandon Beck
KY3 Stormteam

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