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Several roads and bridges in Taney County are closed


April 25, 2011|by Paula Morehouse, Ky3 News reporter and Robin Yancey, Ky3 News Photographer

TANEY COUNTY, Mo., -- Except for the sounds of the pounding rain and a raging Brushy Creek, it's fairly quiet in the Bradleyville area of Taney County.
The flooding has most people cut off from everyday life.
"Just drive down here to look at it {the creek} and go back home," explained Jerry Herd.
"There's three bridges within a mile up through here and once the water gets up, we are just here until it goes down," said Margaret Dalton.
The people living in between the three bridges aren't going anywhere either until the water level subsides.
Margaret Dalton has lived here for 62-years and she has never seen the creek this swollen. "Usually not a lot of water there. In the summertime, it usually goes dry."

The flooding is so widespread, the school has been closed and many people haven't been able to make it to work.
At the Cedar Saw Mill, the owners silenced the saws because the rain was coming down too hard and lumber deliveries have stopped.

"We are not hauling because we got to go through there to take it. We could go around to Ava if we had to, but it's a long way," said Melanie Whittaker, owner of the Cedar Saw Mill.

Whittaker says the other route is about 40 to 50 miles out of the way.
Until the rain lets up, folks living here will have to simply wait it out.

Some areas have received up to a foot and even a little bit more of rain in the last week, and it looks as if the rain is not letting up anytime soon.

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