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Snow Finally Ends

A frigid night for the Ozarks

February 08, 2011|by Ron Hearst, KY3 Chief Meteorologist |

Clearing and very cold

Sunny and Warmer

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Third Time is a Charm

Heavy snow fell this morning in northwest Arkansas.  A few reports indicate up to two feet of snow fell from near Rogers to Witter.  The hardest hit counties include Benton, Washington and Madison counties.  Newton County also saw over a foot of snow with sections of highway 7 closed at one point.  All roads are now open but are still snow covered and very slick.  A new daily snowfall record was set for Harrison today with 10" recorded officially at the airport.  This breaks the old record of 7" set in 1912.  Less snow fell the farther north one goes in the viewing area.  Springfield's official total was 2.5" bringing the yearly total to almost 19".  Average snow for a year is around 17" so I say we now get on with spring. 


One Cold Night

High pressure over Texas will extend back into the Ozarks tonight.  The sky has now cleared or will clear shortly for the rest of the viewing area.  Light winds and deep fresh snow will all combine for good radiational cooling by morning.  Lows will drop well below zero.  Precautions should be taken so that pipes do not freeze.  Let the water drip slowly in the faucet and opening cabinet doors are two ways to keep the plumbing ice free.

Early Spring Warmth

The jet stream pattern is going to change dramatically over the weekend and early next week.  The Ozarks has been under a persistent northwest flow ushering in bitter cold and snow.  A ridge of high pressure is now going to replace this and will send warm air in our direction.  The only factor holding back temperatures for the next few days will be the deep snow.  Once the snow begins to melt in earnest, temperatures will shoot up quickly.  Highs could reach the 40s and 50s this weekend and maybe 60s early next week! 


Sunny Skies,

Ron Hearst
KY3 Stormteam
Chief Meteorologist

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