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Schools plan ways to make up snow days

February 07, 2011|by Linda Russell, KY3 News | KY3 Reporter

ROGERSVILLE, Mo. -- Snow days are adding up for school districts across the Ozarks.  So are make-up days, and there's five more weeks of winter.  Now districts are evaluating options to satisfy state attendance requirements.

In the Logan-Rogersville School District, kids are finally back to class, with plenty of stories to tell about their time off in the snow. 

"We went sledding," said Noah Higdon.

"My daddy made an igloo," said Karissa Bariteau.

"I accidentally threw a snowball at her face, right here," said Anisa Drake.

"Every time I went sledding down, either I fell on my face, or the snow came flying up," said Zach Higdon.

Their total number of snow days is at eight, with four missed days of class last week. 

"The routine, probably, is disrupted the most, particularly with our younger kids," said Logan-Rogersville Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Tucker.

Now, it's back to getting up early. 

"I had one that fell asleep this morning on the carpet, so they definitely were not used to being back after four days gone," said kindergarten teacher Sara Boyts.


But days missed mean making them up, at least a certain number. 

"It's difficult, because you have to reschedule those days later in the calendar," Tucker said.

Logan-Rogersville has missed eight days of class.  The State of Missouri requires districts to make up the first six, and then half of the days after that.  So, Logan-Rogersville will make up seven days, but no one has to go more than ten.

"At this point, our days are added onto the end of the calendar," said Tucker.

Planned days off in the spring could also be make-up days to avoid a later start to summer break, which some kids would prefer.

"Because it's warm in the summer," said Noah Higdon.

Others would rather enjoy the winter weather.

"I actually went down one hill, and then it launches you half way up the other," said Drake.

"Make snow angels," said Bariteau.

"I wish every day was a snow day," Drake said. 

Rogersville would have dismissed for the school year on May 19.  Now, the plan is May 26, but it depends on whether it has any more snow days.

In Arkansas, schools must try to make up all their snow days or file a request for waiver with the state board of education.  A handful of districts in northwest Arkansas say their students will be in class until at least the first week of June.

Missouri Department of Education Inclement Weather policies

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