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Plows make progress on main roads, side roads remain covered with drifting snow

February 02, 2011|KY3 News

Plows have made major progress on main roads around the Ozarks after the Blizzard of 2011.  However, most side streets remain covered and will be tough for drivers who don't have four wheel drive.

Most schools and colleges have closed for a second day in a row.

If you do go out today you'll deal with bitter cold and wind.

We don't have any reports of widespread power outages.

See hundreds of Blizzard Photos posted by KY3 viewers.

From Missouri Department of Transportation:

Clearing Roads -- MoDOT crews will focus on lesser-traveled roadways today, plowing them to move heavy snow and drifting snow off the roadway.  Crews also will treat hills, curves and intersections with a mixture of salt and abrasives.  However, roadways will not be cleared to bare pavement.
        * Crews will continue working to improve the heavily-traveled roadways to get them to partly covered to mostly clear conditions.
        * MoDOT is moving plows from southern and southeastern parts of the state to areas hit hard by heavy snows.  Crews from Ozark, Douglas and southeastern Taney county are being moved to Polk, Dallas and Laclede counties to help with the snow clearing efforts.

Wednesday Afternoon Rush Hour -- Drivers are urged to allow themselves plenty of time to get home this afternoon.  While road conditions will continue to improve during daytime hours, patches of ice and snow will remain on roadways.  Drivers will have to slow down, avoid sudden stops and sudden turns.  
        Drivers who have low-sitting cars and trucks may find it difficult to enter or drive out of side streets and driveways due to the snow depth. Be sure you can make it before trying or you may get stuck, causing obstacles for snow-clearing crews.
Weather -- While sunshine will help during daytime hours Wednesday, subzero temperatures forecast for the overnight hours will continue to be a challenge for snow-clearing crews.    

Road Condition Information:
        -- Look for road conditions across Missouri on MoDOT's web site -- . You can look at actual photos of  conditions on Interstate 44 by going to the Interactive Map and clicking on Traffic Cameras.
        -- For more information about roads in the Springfield region, go to .
        -- To speak to a MoDOT Customer Service representative about road conditions, call toll-free 1-888-275-6636.
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