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Osage Beach officer is charged with sexual abuse

January 23, 2011|by Chad Plein, KY3 News |
  • Lt. Richard Calvino has been charged with sexual abuse and sodomy.
Lt. Richard Calvino has been charged with sexual abuse and sodomy.

OSAGE BEACH, Mo. -- A 30-year veteran of the Osage Beach Police Department is suspended after being charged with sexual abuse and sodomy.  Court documents say a woman says she had sexual relations with Lt. Richard Calvino several times more than two decades ago.  It happened when the woman was between the ages of 11 and 17.

The former babysitter says Calvino committed the acts at the officer's home, the Osage Beach industrial parks, and at the Missouri state park in Osage Beach.  She told police that Calvino would make advances and perform various sexual acts when she babysat.  She also told investigators that Calvino taught her how to drive in exchange for sexual acts.  Court records show she told officers, "she looked up to Calvino as a father figure."

The woman claims her memories were repressed until 2009 when she started going to therapy during a divorce.  Since September of that year, the Missouri Highway Patrol got involved.


According to the probable cause statement, the womaln and Calvino had many conversations over e-mail from April of last year until November.  Those e-mail messages were sent to the Highway Patrol.

The woman and Calvino also met at the state park in Osage Beach last Nov. 3.  She tried bringing up the allegations with Calvino.  The conversation was taped and was included as evidence.

The following day, Nov. 4, the womaln and Calvino had a phone conversation that was also taped.  The probable cause statement says the woman confronted Calvino with the allegations.

Since the e-mails and recordings are evidence in a criminal investigation, KY3 cannot discover what was said in those accounts.

Calvino's preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 2 in Camden County.  Calvino denied these allegations to investigators.  He says, during the timeframe in question, he worked nights, which doesn't corroborate with the woman's claims.  Osage Beach Police Chief Dave Severson says Calvino will stay on suspension until the case is resolved.

The statute of limitations for a case involving a minor are 20 years after the victim's 18th birthday; in this case, the woman turns 38 in February.  After next month, this case could not be prosecuted.

The Camden County prosecuting attorney says he will try the case, saying there's no business-relationship between Calvino and himself.

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