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Branson-area residents 'lighten up' for a longer, healthier life

Lighten Up For Life 4 challenge awards the participant losing the most weight

November 13, 2010|by Mike Landis, KY3 News |

BRANSON, Mo. -- The walk is turning into a run for some resident shedding pounds while gaining a healthier life.

“I was an athlete in high school. And of course I am far removed from that, so its easy to put on weight,” explained Sam Stauffer. 

Stauffer is one of twenty people remaining in the Lighten Up for Life Challenge, hosted by Skagg’s Health and Fitness Center.  The contestant who loses the most weight by February wins a cruise.

“Not everyone can be a winner in it, but we are all winners if we stick together and do it together,” said Sauffer, who is currently in first place by having lost 65 pounds.


Thirty-three people originally signed up for the challenge last summer.  One of those was Dan Farley, a cancer survivor of five years, who is now one of the top two "losers".

“My mind was ready to do it, but my body could not respond as quickly as my mind. The battle is fought in your head, anyway,” Farley explained.

He says his motivation to get fit has been his family, and “wanting to be around for them.”

Farley says he’s already lost 55 pounds.

Many of the contestants have tried weight loss programs and dieting before.  Many of them say the accountability has been a big help this time around.

“When they show up they are going to have people they can talk to, can motivate them, and make friends,” explained Danny Paterson, a personal trainer helping clients through the program.

This is the fourth year Skaggs has hosted the event..  The winner of last year’s challenge lost 35% of their body weight.

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