Severe weather weekend?

Severe weather weekend?

Storms may bring wind and hail

October 22, 2010|Dave Snider | Meteorologist

THIS AFTERNOONMid 70sCloudy with spotty showers or drizzle; windyOVERNIGHTNear 60º

Storms develop in the Plains and move in

SATURDAYMid 70sSevere storms possible12-hour forecast
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Ahead of the upper-level storm, warming winds and high and mid-level clouds will move through the Ozarks.  I expect that a few places will see a morning sprinkle, but there shouldn't be any major blast of rain and thunder in the region until much later tonight.

friday night football focus forecastFRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL FORECAST
The bulk of any rain and storms will remain out of the Ozarks for most of today.  I think many, probably most, will see a dry Friday Night Football game in the Ozarks. 


Average temps run in the upper 60s at this point, but highs will probably hold in the low to mid 70s as we remain in the warm before the storm.


But it's that warmth that's adding a risk of unstable and stormy weather over our Ozarks.

saturday may see a squall line form in the ozarksSEVERE WEATHER THREAT

Saturday and Sunday will both feature a risk for strong, gusty straight-line winds and large hail.  Dynamics of the atmosphere will be capable of producing and supporting tornadoes, but the risk looks less likely today than it did this time yesterday (in other words, it's trending toward a safer, less-likely level).

three day forecastYOUR STORMY WEEKEND

Rain and storm clouds will attempt to make a run for the Ozarks late tonight, mainly after Friday Night Football.  A lot of the storm activity will remain West of the Ozarks, but some just across the Kansas and Oklahoma line will see wet and stormy weather before dawn Saturday.

Depending on the amount of rain you see Saturday, severe weather risks may increase.  

We'll be watching the development potential through tomorrow morning... and by afternoon, a line of storms may develop moving East-Northeast.


Most of the week to come will be mild with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.  I don't see a "cold snap" until Thursday... and even that seems like a one-day sale at this point.  Highs late week might dip into the 50s before milder weather builds in again for the Halloween weekend.  Scary stuff there.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend,

Dave Snider
KY3 Stormteam

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