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Simple pasta with sauce 11/12/09

November 12, 2009|presented by James Stegall, head chef at Farmers Gastropub, Springfield

Tomato sauce

4 large fresh Missouri slicing tomatoes

1 fresh local Farmers Market Onion, finely diced

I clove of elephant garlic, finely chopped

1 tablespoon of fresh thyme leaves, chopped

1 tablespoon of fresh basil, chopped

2 tablespoons of flat leaf parsley, chopped

3 tablespoons of Organic extra virgin olive oil

Place the ingredients into a heavy based pan; bring to a slow simmer and slow
cook to reduce for 4 hours.

Makes enough for 4 servings.

Homemade fresh pasta

2 whole fresh farm eggs

10 fresh farm egg yolks

5 cups of unbleached w:st="on">



¼ cup of whole milk

1 teaspoon of organic extra virgin olive oil

1 pinch of salt

Combine all the ingredients and knead into a smooth dough; let rest for 30
minutes then run through a pasta press until the desired thickness is reached. 
Cut and shape the pasta into Garganelli tubes.  Place on an oiled baking
sheet and chill until ready for cooking.

When ready, plunge into boiling water for a couple of minutes until al-denté.

 Millsap Farms fresh free range chicken

Clean and dry the chicken; dry brine and herb it (your choice of herbs but an
example would be rosemary and thyme).  Place covered chicken into a
refrigerator overnight. The next day, place chicken into a covered roasting dish;
season with salt and pepper and roast until golden brown and completely cooked. 
Depending on size of bird, remove the whole breast and fan before arranging over
the pasta.

To serve, arrange the cooked pasta in a shallow bowl, add tomato sauce, then
arrange chicken breast or other meat, if desired, over the pasta.  Sprinkle
fresh chopped flat leaf parsley and serve immediately.

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